Enterprise Sales Guide:
Hiring Playbook

Make 2018 the Year You Crush
Enterprise Sales


If you’re a CEO of a Series A enterprise startup - you’re probably thinking through critical questions: Should I hire a VP of Sales or two junior hires? How do I vet a VP of Sales candidate? How can I create a scalable onboarding process?


See our ready-to-go playbook below as you source, onboard, and interview the top candidates to join your enterprise sales machine.


As an enterprise VC fund, we at Work-Bench are often asked about best practices for how an enterprise startup can transition from founder-led selling to making their first sales hire post Series A raise. This is one of the most critical hires to make for an early stage enterprise startup, and one that we see many challenges with. We hope this guide will help you scale your sales team quickly and effectively, while building a scalable and repeatable sales process. 


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From 5 hires to 50 to 500, use our Startup Recruiting Workbook: Sourcing & Interview Process to build your startup’s recruiting process.



Our Must-Ask Interview Questions for a VP of Sales Candidate will guide your conversation when interviewing your first VP of Sales candidate. 



Build a replicable sales onboarding process, from culture, to customers, to closing with our Onboarding Schedule for Your Sales Hire.


Pitch Practice

Is your new hire ready to go solo on making a sale? Rate the effectiveness of your new hire's pitch during sales calls using our Pitch Scorecard.



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