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If you’re a CEO of a Series A enterprise startup - you’re probably thinking through critical questions: How do I create a scalable, repeatable sales process? How do I transfer from founder-led selling to hiring a team?

As an enterprise VC fund, we at Work-Bench are often asked these questions and more, as startups think through their early sales processes, a critical point in their early growth.

See our ready-to-go playbooks below as you source, onboard, and interview the top candidates to join your enterprise sales machine, as well as land your first few enterprise customers.





Sales Process Playbook


Sales Process


Customer Evaluation


The ten specific, tactical stages of the 10 Sales Process Stages broken down to guide you from raw lead to POC to close. Each of these ten steps dives deep into the desired outcome to keep you focused on the goal, a checklist of to-dos to get you closer to your target, a breakdown of each member of the sales team’s role in that part of the process, as well as all of the tools you need to move forward. 

A complete and specific example Customer Evaluation document that outlines the objectives and deliverables, pre-evaluation activities, schedule, costs, and contact information to ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to every detail of the process - getting you closer to close.


Sales Hiring Playbook




Pitch Practice


From 5 hires to 50 to 500, use our Startup Recruiting Workbook: Sourcing & Interview Process to build your startup’s recruiting process.

Our Must-Ask Interview Questions for a VP of Sales Candidate will guide your conversation when interviewing your first VP of Sales candidate. 

Build a replicable sales onboarding process, from culture, to customers, to closing with our Onboarding Schedule for Your Sales Hire.

Is your new hire ready to go solo on making a sale? Rate the effectiveness of your new hire's pitch during sales calls using our Pitch Scorecard.



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